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The En Realidad Series of Books to Help You Learn Spanish!

What You Will Learn in Book One:

En Realidad: Spanish for Beginners, Book One by John F. St. Clair (ISBN 978-0-9820963-0-7) presents vocabulary of greetings, farewells, family members, at the airport, traveling by air and obtaining emergency hotel reservations.  Dialogs called "pláticas" offer practice in speaking one on one.  De improviso... scripted, more extensive dialogs end each lesson.

Essential grammar includes  the forms and use of the regular present tense verbs plus the basic irregular verbs ser, estar, tener, ir. Verbs with irregular first-person singular forms, stem-changing  and reflexive verbs are also covered in Book One.  Nouns, adjectives, articles and many other areas are covered as well.  Special emphasis is placed on word order in the early lessons.

Book One is for the absolute or nearly absolute beginner.

What You Will Learn in Book Two:

En Realidad: Continuing Spanish, Book Two

En Realidad: Continuing Spanish, Book Two presents vocabulary and useful phrases about rooms of a dwelling, dining at a friend's house, dining at a restaurant, food and drink items, traveling on the high-speed train and much more. 

All essential grammar from Book One is reviewed in the first three lessons.  The two past tenses, preterite and imperfect and the object pronouns are presented as new material in the rest of the lessons.

Book Two is for persons who have taken Spanish some time ago and need a refresher before going on.  It is also recommended for persons who have studied grammar but need to add vocabulary and who need practice in speaking.

How You Will Learn Vocabulary in Both Books

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New vocabulary is introduced from chapter to chapter in graded episodes of a continuing story.  The student is brought along by filling in the new vocabulary in order to find out what happens in each chapter of the continuing story. 

A complete dictionary of all vocabulary words and phrasic modules™ from English to Spanish and Spanish to English is provided.  Each word or phrase is annotated with the lesson number in which it is introduced.  Book Two dictionary is comprehensive for both books.

Forty-five of the most frequent Spanish verbs as annotated in the Big Red Book of 555 Spanish Verbs are featured plus many others in Book One.  All fifty plus many more are included in Book Two.

How You Will Gain Fluency: Phrasic Modules™

Phrasic Modules™ are prefabricated pieces of language akin to the modules used in computer programming.  These are modules of words commonly spoken together including but not limited to idiomatic expressions.   Identifying and learning phrasic modules™ quickly builds usable language for conversation and increases fluency from the start. 

The phrasic modules™ are introduced by means of the story and are italicized in the body of the story for easy recognition by the student.  Exercises are provided to help students learn and apply the modules to appropriate situations. 

How to Check Your Work: Answer Key

Both books come standard with a full answer key but may be special-ordered without.  The answer keys include a translation of the story and the scripts for De improviso dialogs as well as answers to all exercises.

If you are going to use these books for self-study, you should order them with the answer key so that you can check your work. 

Book Specifications and How to Order

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Both books are available ring-bound or comb-bound

Book One
The frontispiece is in color with other illustrations  in grayscale.  The book consists of 104 pages with  answer key.  Publication is by Spanish Forum Language Institute under the imprint: Spanish Forum Publishing.  Sales are direct through Spanish Forum Language Institute via Paypal.  Copyright, 2008.

Book Two
All illustrations except front cover are in grayscale.  The book is 135 pages with answer key.  Publication is by Spanish  Forum Language Institute under the imprint: Spanish Forum Publishing.  Sales are direct through Spanish Forum Language Institute via Paypal.  Copyright, 2009.

Book One: ISBN 978-0-9820963-0-7
Book Two: ISBN 978-0-9820963-2-1

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