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Meet Your Instructor: John St. Clair, B.A., M.A., CCC:

Instructor Taken in Sevilla, Spain La Plaza de las Tres Cruces.

  • B. A. and M. A. in Spanish, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Instructor of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Scottsdale Community College
  • Created and have operated Spanish Forum Language Institute since 2001.
  • Instructor of Spanish at Gateway Community College and Rio Salado Community College
  • Adjunct instructor of Spanish, Paradise Valley Community College 2010-2015.
  • Over thirty years experience teaching Spanish at the university and post-secondary levels.
  • Creator of curricula and textbooks for adult learners.

 It is important that he has experienced and has familiarity with the various dialect areas of the Spanish speaking world, including Spain, Mexico and South America.  He is adept at helping students who have difficulty in learning a foreign language.  This comes from his own experiences in learning the language, courses in Spanish linguistics, and from many years of helping English speakers learn Spanish.

SFLI Mission Statement:

  • Spanish Forum Language Institute realizes that making learning effective can also make it enjoyable.
  • This is a small school created in order to provide language learning in a comfortable and stress-free zone.
  • We hold private and small-group classes in the Spanish of Latin America and of Spain.
  • We have classes for both younger and older adults paced accordingly.
  • We use our own materials especially designed to accomplish our mission.
  • We also offer  these materials for sale to the public on this website.
  • We also offer occupational Spanish courses for landscape & construction and health care.
  • Our courses are professionally designed according to principles of language acquisition with years of suggestions contributed by our students.

SFLI Core Values:

  • We realize that adult learners are intellectually mature and are seeking purpose, meaning and integration in their learning experiences.
  • We believe that for purposes of accountability, language learning is most effective with a live instructor.
  • We understand the need for technology in the teaching of language but see it as only one part of the learning experience.
  • We believe that the materials taught should reflect the needs and interests of average individuals.
  • We believe that our students teach us, and their suggestions and critiques are vital to delivering a relevant learning experience.
  • We believe that instructors who have faced and mastered the same language learning challenges as their students make the best teachers.  They testify to the fact that Spanish can be learned in the classroom.


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