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Practical Spanish Conversational Courses
Using Sight First™ Methodology

In this series based on the Destinos videos, we utilize a balanced approach to language learning for adults, which we call Sight First.™  After early adulthood, our learning shifts from an auditory dimension to visual.  We teach you the four basic language skills in each lesson.  We start with the skill of reading, progress to writing, then listening and finally speaking.  Thus the same material is properly balanced in the four different skill areas necessary in order to gain mastery of the language.  …further explanation…


Landscape and Associated Trades Series

This pair of conversational courses of eight weeks each is for owners and supervisors of landscape, construction, construction clean up, janitorial services and property management concerns.  …more…


En Realidad 

Conversational Series with Travel Emphasis and Simplified Grammar

These courses start from the basics of the language with a concentration on travel situations in both courses.  Vocabulary is presented in the context of a continuing story in our texts, En Realidad, Books One and Two.  …details and availability…


Healthcare Spanish Series

Why should healthcare professionals learn Spanish? Click here.

This series begins with a basic class of 16 hours of instruction followed up by more advanced courses providing successively greater competency in the language.  All courses will use the ˇSALUD! program of in-person and online instruction. 

Required Text and Online Subscription:

1) Salud, Introductory Spanish for Health Professionals, Prentice Hall (Pearson), 2012 ISBN 13: 978-0-205-73014-8. Paper bound.  Available from Amazon new and used.  There is a loose leaf edition available also.

2) Online subscription to My Spanish Lab for Salud.   Available for purchase at the Pearson website

This course may be taken as a private or semi-private class as well as in a group setting.  Private and semi-private instruction is available only at our location at the regular prevailing rates.


Advanced Review and Conversation Program

The novella, El Bastón, contained within the Temas y Lemas text, goes back to the Spanish Civil War and traces the character of Librada de la Vega and her half-Basque husband, Narciso Carrillo Arizgoiti, as they face the inevitable moral conflicts of war.

Through the story an intermediate to advanced review of the Spanish language is presented.  More vocabulary and phrases are presented in the context of the story as well as more advanced role play situations at the end of each chapter. 


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