Spanish Forum Language Institute - Materials for Adult Learners

        The material you will learn in all classes consists of correct conversational Spanish vocabulary and usage, a careful and complete presentation of the structure of Spanish and many basic preformed chunks of language, the learning of which accelerates acquisition of the language.

        The Destinos* based instruction consisting of the videos  together with regular lessons in class make up the basic framework of instruction for the regular private and semi-private classes.

        The two levels of Landscape and Construction Spanish available at SFLI are full-fledged courses in the language emphasizing vocabulary used in the landscape and construction trades. (May be taken also as a private or semi-private class.)

        See more at our Programs of Study page.

*The Destinos program of 52 half-hour videos was created by Dr. William Van Patten, a language acquisition specialist at the University of Illinois. I own the original VHS videos to show in class.



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