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Pastor, does your church minister in Hispanic neighborhoods or in Spanish Speaking Nations?

·         Our latest textbook, PIECES: Spanish for Christian Work, Book One is now available.  This book will get your outreach  or mission workers out of the church and winning the wonderful Hispanic people here and abroad to Christ.

·         The FrequeVerb™  technique presents Spanish verbs in complete conjugation in the present tense based on their relative frequency in the language. 

·         The piece-by-piece soul-winning method of PIECES is currently being effectively used by the author to win souls in Phoenix to Christ. 

·         PIECES is intended for group or private classes in churches, missions organizations, bible colleges and seminaries.  It can also be used for self-study since it has pronunciation guides and a complete answer key.  A "Verbulary" appendix conjugates the 50 most frequent verbs in the present tense.

·         PIECES is a combined textbook and workbook, which presents all the basic elements of the language in ministry context.   It is unique in its concentration on vocabulary used in ministry.  There are many paired work activities and field work assignments to get students beyond church walls and leading Hispanics to Christ.


The PIECES Series of Spanish Textbooks for Christian Work

PIECES, Book One:

PIECES, Spanish for Christian Work , Book One ISBN 13 - 978-0-9820963-3-8

This series fills the void of Spanish language textbooks designed especially for Christian missionaries, outreach workers and pastoral staff ministering to Spanish speaking people.  The fields of Hispanic people are ripe to the harvest but Spanish-speaking harvesters are few.  Those who learn to lead them to Christ will be greatly blessed. 

Book One  breaks new ground on several fronts by concentrating on the fifty most frequent Spanish verbs and by presenting vocabulary in the context of a continuing story.  Many useful phrases which come up in the story are also presented and practiced in intuitive exercises.   The pieces of the language come together as the pieces of the story come together under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The book also presents piece by piece the elements of the gospel in Spanish.  There are plenty of paired work activities and each lesson ends with a field work assignment for the students to share the gospel in a guided atmosphere.

The story itself is presented with a parallel translation/ answer key in English.  An answer key for the exercises is provided at the back of the book. 

In the story, Renata Fernandez, a high school Spanish teacher recounts her trip to Spain to the mystery person she was trying to identify on the trip.  As she talks to the elderly  Librada de la Vega and her husband, Narciso Carrillo, Renata is led to Christ using the method taught in the book.  

Book One is for the absolute or nearly absolute beginner.

PIECES, Book Two:

In the planning stages.  Will contain a grammar review of Book One and continue on  to present the past tenses, imperatives and object pronouns.

The story line will continue with Renata, her family in Mexico and the man she falls for in Seville, Spain.

Book Specifications and How to Order

Currently available comb-bound.  

Book One
The front and rear covers are 100 lb. coated cardstock printed in color.  The interior has b/w photos, graphs and illustrations.    The book consists of 112 pages with  glossary of words and phrases.  There is a "verbulary" containing the 50 most frrequent Spanish verbs conjugated in the present tense.  An answer key follows.  Publication is by Spanish Forum Language Institute under the imprint: Spanish Forum Publishing. 

Sales are direct through Spanish Forum Language Institute, Copyright, 2009.   Cover price: $29.95.

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